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Implementation Plan of Shandong Water Resources Survey and Evaluation Information System

The analysis and evaluation of the information system involves 16 prefecture-level cities, 137 county-level administrative regions, and 3 first-level water resources districts, 4 second-level water resources districts, 13 third-level water resources districts and 26 fourth-level water resources districts in Shandong province. The area of watershed served reaches 158,000 km2.

The purpose of developing the water resources survey and evaluation information system in Shandong province is to use systematic thinking, standardize working processes, and utilize information technology to quickly and efficiently show the water resources analysis and evaluation work in water resources regions and administrative regions of the whole province. To release the automatic analysis and evaluation of water resources in provinces, cities, and counties to provide the results of water resources investigation and evaluation of the whole province for the annual water resources bulletin.