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Hydrological Informatization Planning in Hainan Province

Based on the current status of hydrological information in Hainan Province, through the investigation of existing situation and needs analysis, the overall framework design of Hainan hydrological informatization1. construction is carried out to form a set of clear and comprehensive hydrological informatization development system. This system included by hydrological monitoring, information collection, transmission, business management, early warning and forecasting, application services, etc., is used to guide the future development of hydrological informatization in Hainan Province in the near future.

In terms of business, a general framework for hydrological informatization that is compatible with "smart cities" and "smart water networks" has been formed, and monitoring awareness, platform intensification, business collaboration, and information security have been basically realized.

Informatization Framework.

Note: ‘informatization’ or informatisation refers to the extent by which a geographical area, an economy or a society is becoming information-based. Source: Wikipedia.