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Hikurangi Swamp Area Optioning 2024-Enhancing the Hikurangi Wetlands Flood Management Scheme


The Hikurangi wetlands, a vast sub-tropical region, form the headwaters of the Wairoa River, Northland's longest river. This unique and complex catchment area has undergone significant development for land production, including a major flood scheme to convert much of the wetland into pastureland. The Wairoa River itself has been modified through stop banks and water diversions. However, the current state of this river catchment remains largely unknown, prompting the need for a thorough analysis and improvement plan.

Currently, the Hikurangi seven pockets flood scheme is not performing as expected and is proving to be more costly than anticipated. Multiple stakeholders, including the Whangarei District Council (WDC) and a steering group, are keen to explore ways to improve the scheme's efficiency. The project is designed to test various options to better understand the potential improvements in land and river management, thereby benefiting all stakeholders involved.