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Intelligent drainage model service project

This project is a model application sub-platform for constructing the intelligent drainage system of rainwater and sewage in a certain district. The project completed the construction of professional rainwater and sewage system models supporting business applications, carried out quantitative analysis and application of rainwater and sewage systems, and transformed the traditional management mode of "experience judgment and fuzzy analysis" to the refined management mode of "quantitative analysis and prediction" to improve decision-making ability. 

Main tasks include:

1、The construction area of 111km2 includes sewage pipe network and pumping station facility model, and 46km2 includes rainwater pipe network and gate model. To realize the sewage operation characteristics analysis, rainwater waterlogging risk analysis, pipe network operation characteristics analysis and so on.

2、We will sort out and sort out the basic urban data in the region from a professional perspective, and identify and summarize the operation rules of the existing system through the screening, calculation and analysis of a large number of interrelated monitoring data.

3、Model technology is used to simulate the sewage system to fully grasp the operation characteristics and working conditions, including the analysis of the time and space law of the system water volume, the analysis of the operation scheduling scheme, the formulation of the emergency plan of the sewage system and the auxiliary forecasting and early warning. To diagnose the regional waterlogging risk and provide decision aid for the formulation of waterlogging emergency plan, forecast and early warning.

4、Combined with the achievements and business requirements of the model application module, the development of platform software and business module is coordinated, including the requirements, architecture, display form and data content of the business module.